Temtem Showdown Animal PvP Battle Game Released

Temtem  is an MMO where players collect animals like Pokémon. Especially for PvP lovers, Humble Games publishing house and Crema studio released competitive entertainment Temtem: Showdown . Two users collide in a match. Each of them sends two Temtems to the arena – this is how the creatures are called here. The key features of  Showdown are as follows: Familiarity with the main game is not required, … Read more

In November, the sequel to the beatmap Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All will be released

Publisher Microids and developers from  Mr. Nutz Studio Announce Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! 2 is the second part of a colorful beat ’em up about two inseparable Gauls friends. In the sequel, the protagonists need not only to hand out cuffs, but also to find out who actually stole the golden Eagle of Lutetia, the precious symbol of the Roman legions. The … Read more

The best competitive games of the AG.ru platform

In the catalog of the AG.ru gaming platform , you can find all kinds of games of various genres, including both single-player adventures and novelties with multiplayer support. This time we will talk about several colorful examples among competitive projects, where the success of users will help them win first places in the tournament tables. Cuboom is a Minecraft- style … Read more

GOG versions of games in the Like a Dragon series were considered disrespectful to the creator of the series

Recently, a 7-game Like a Dragon bundle became available on GOG , and one fan noticed that a dubious change was made to these versions. Along with the removal of DRM in each game from the bundle, the end credits were updated. Now they do not mention the creator of the series Toshihiro Nagoshi , who left SEGA in 2021 , the names of some other developers, as … Read more

The authors of Against the Storm plan to improve the interface and training

Recently, Eremite Games studio has released another major update to the strategy simulator Against the Storm . The Cycles Reforged patch allowed players to send their caravan to collect ancient seals, participate in world events, and use improved faction trade routes. Now the developers have shared their plans for the coming months. In particular, they intend to improve the user interface and make learning more … Read more

The creators of Escape From Tarkov threaten dataminers with bans

The Battlestate Games studio published a statement explaining the harm caused to the action movie Escape from Tarkov and its players by those who penetrate the game code in order to extract various information. According to the developers, the appearance of information about upcoming missions and rewards, as well as places where it is worth waiting for the game boss, deprive … Read more

Steampunk adventure Firmament will be released on PC May 18, release on consoles later

Studio Cyan, who developed Myst and Obduction, has published a new trailer for steampunk adventure Firmament . In it, the creators of the game revealed that the release of the PC version will take place on May 18. As for the PS4, PS5 and VR headset versions, they will be released at a later date. In Firmament, players will visit … Read more

Microsoft Confirms Halo Franchise Chief Leaving Company

Unconfirmed reports surfaced this week that Halo franchise creative head Frank O’Connor has left Microsoft after nearly 20 years on the job. On April 17, in a commentary to Axios, the company confirmed this information. The corporation thanked O’Connor for his invaluable contribution to the development of Halo and wished him good luck in his future endeavors. The developer participated in … Read more

Fascinating dungeons, tenacious barbarians and a particularly dangerous Butcher – what has changed in Diablo IV after testing

Blizzard thanked the players for the feedback on the results of the open beta of Diablo IV and announced the list of changes made. Much has been done to diversify the gameplay in the Dungeons. Their very structure, in many cases, has been revised so that the player has to return to already visited rooms as rarely as possible. Dungeon event … Read more