Jobs: The creators of Kingdom Come Deliverance are looking for a cutscene designer for their new game

The creators of Kingdom Come: Deliverance from Warhorse Studios have posted a new vacancy on the official website . The studio is looking for a cutscene designer for their new game. The list of duties of the future candidate includes the creation of “high-quality, full of humor, action and unique moments of cutscenes for the AAA game.” Also, a potential employee … Read more

Gameplay from the beta in the new trailer for the anime action game Wuthering Waves

The Chinese studio Kuro Game has published a new trailer for the anime action game Wuthering Waves , timed to coincide with the imminent closed beta testing. The event will start on April 24th. The video showed the study of the open world, battles with opponents and several heroes. In Wuthering Waves, users can easily switch between heroes, and each of them … Read more

Motorcycle racing simulator Ride 5 announced

Milestone Studio has announced the fifth part of the Ride racing franchise , in which gamers are invited to control motorcycles. The game will release on August 24 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. The developers promise a completely new career mode with a full-fledged story, 10 unique opponents with their own stories, and even an off-screen narrator. In … Read more

Strategic jRPG Cross Tails about the war of humanoid cats and dogs will be released on PC and consoles in July

Studio RideonJapan and publisher Kemco have announced the release date for the strategic role-playing game Cross Tails . The title will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch on July 20. Synopsis: Cross Tails is a strategy RPG with a story told from two perspectives and multiple endings. Train your allies, take on challenges … Read more

Minecraft Legends preload has started – the game will take 10 GB

Microsoft has revealed the details of the release of Minecraft Legends , which received ratings today. They did not turn out to be high – the game was largely disappointing. It became known that the pre-loading of the title for pre-orders has already started. You can download the game for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The title will not take … Read more

Flaming bunker in new screenshots of Amnesia: The Bunker

The developers of the horror game Amnesia: The Bunker from Frictional Games have published two new screenshots on the game’s Twitter. The first shows the moment the fire started in the bunker, and the second shows a revolver in the hands of the protagonist. Also this week, the creators of the horror announced the postponement of the title from May 16 to … Read more

Asus ROG Ally Portable PC Launched Worldwide ‘Earlier Than Everyone Expects’

Asus, which introduced a portable PC called the ROG Ally on April 1, said the device will be sold worldwide and will launch “earlier than many expect.” Asus did not provide any further details. Earlier it became known that ROG Ally will receive a 7-inch screen with 1080p, 120 Hz. According to bloggers, the performance of the Asus device … Read more