Cats: that’s why they love weed

Cats: that's why they love weed

According to science, there is no explanation why cats like to eat grass . When they see it they seem hypnotized, guided by instinct rather than nose. The herb in small quantities acts as a natural laxative aiding digestion and resolving constipation. Felines dream of grass, because they have a folic acid deficiency , at least that’s what the experts speculate. Other scientists have further theses such as that they eat it due to vomiting or the expulsion of hairballs. 


There are many hypotheses that, however, have no foundation or have not been attested. Some cats, like dogs, may chew on the grass just for the taste of the flavor and its texture. The felines in this case do not run particular risks because they know which herbs are poisonous and which are not. Aloe, calla, ivy, ficus and poinsettia are dangerous. If herbicides , insecticides or ferrous sulphate have been given on the plants or on the lawn , it is advisable to prevent the cat from coming into contact with them. If the animal has episodes of vomiting or diarrhea, lesions in the mouth or drooling, then it is necessary to contact the vet, it could have symptoms of poisoning. Run to the veterinary emergency room immediately and try to resolve the risk of poisoning as soon as possible. 

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