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Final Fantasy XVI will show the real power of PS5, says Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI will show the real power of PS5, says Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI will show the full power of PS5. This was revealed by the producer Naoki Yoshida during the last live streaming ” Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer “, highlighting how all the elements seen in the last spectacular trailer “Revenge” are calculated in real-time.


It’s all in real-time. No loading! It has become a game that makes you say “look at the power of PS5!” said Yoshida, as reported by Genki on Twitter.

Indeed, based on what has been seen so far, it seems that the new chapter of the iconic Square Enix saga will be able to exploit all the power and features of the Sony home console , but to get a more in-depth idea of ​​the goodness of the technical sector of Final Fantasy XVI we will have to wait a little longer.

Announced at the 2020 PlayStation Showcase , Final Fantasy XVI  is the new chapter of the famous RPG series produced by Square Enix. The game stands out for its  markedly action imprint  and its style capable of bringing back a  medieval fantasy  that refers to the very first chapters of the series, obviously reworked in a more modern key.

Before I leave you, we remind you that Naoki Yoshida recently confirmed that the game will also receive a demo before launch. Players will therefore finally be able to get a taste of the new final fantasy to test the game mechanics by hand and get a clearer idea of ​​what the potential of this new chapter is.


Final Fantasy XVI will be available starting  June 22, 2023  exclusively on PS5.

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