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TikTok users hacking manga filter for ‘big boobs’

TikTok users hacking manga filter for 'big boobs'
A simple trick is enough to generate junoesque portraits: the results are hilarious.

One of the most recent fun trends on TikTok is the one that shows how to bypass the Manga filter to transform into Junoesque protagonists of Japanese anime: the trick is very simple, in fact, just place any vaguely protruding object at chest height to deceive intelligence artificial that will add more than prosperous shapes, moreover in perfect style with the Rising Sun comics. Not only that: even men can create much more attractive versions of themselves, with the same trick that instead of adding a florid breast draws darting pectoral and abdominal muscles well in relief. However, often something goes wrong and the results are really hilarious.


As the name suggests, the AI ​​Manga filter uses artificial intelligence to recognize the somatic features and body shapes of those standing in front of the lens: just frame yourself, wait a few seconds and you’re transformed into female or male characters in perfect anime style . Among other things, it works in an almost disturbing way even with dogs, but it is not clear how it can understand their sex. But a few experiments were enough to get around the filter and push it towards more extreme representations. To increase the breasts by many sizes, for example, just place two cups or two spherical objects such as balls or even candles or even rolls of toilet paper. And the men?

Just place your knees in the foreground or your knuckles and the filter adds buff pecs and abs

There are also those who thought of cheating the filter by hiding the facial hair with a mask and placing two cups to obtain a female character, but in response two children always appeared in anime style.

And while the filters are messing around, controversy is raging in the US over employees who have been caught monitoring journalists by improperly using the portal’s internal tools.

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